Biology Study Guide

Topics: Cell, Protein, Cell wall Pages: 3 (829 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Session 1
We use the scientific method every day. Imagine your car doesn't start one morning before school. Which of these is a reasonable hypothesis regarding the problem? I’m out of gas. A scientific theory explains what we know to this date about a natural event. Which of the following is a theory? There is molecular and biochemical evidence that all organisms are related. Choose the answer that best describes the sequence of the scientific method. observation, hypothesis, experiment, conclusion Which of the following is an example of how living things assimilate energy? Eating a meal Which one of the following is true about scientific knowledge? Scientific knowledge is not absolute, because the possibility is always held open that new experiments may one day prove it wrong. A tree in your backyard is home to robins, squirrels, beetles, and lichens. Together all these organisms compose a/an: A community

Which of the following is the most complex level of organization? Rainforest Because scientists are in the business of investigating nature, scientists function as: society's eyes and ears on the natural world A theory must be supported by evidence.

A hypothesis does not need to be supported by evidence.
Goats can be cloned to provide us with human medicines.
The experiments of Louis Pasteur to disprove spontaneous generation illustrate the process of the scientific method. BiosphereAll of the ecosystems of the Earth
EcosystemCommunities interacting with non-living elements
MoleculeThe building blocks of organelles
CellThe first level of organization that we can say is alive PopulationMembers of the same species living in the same area

Session 2
Molecules of water stick to each other because: hydrogen bonds form between the hydrogen atom of one molecule and the oxygen atom of another molecule. A measure of the quantity of matter in an object is known as: mass Atoms with eight electrons in their outer shells tend to: be stable and...
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