There Are Too Many Disadvantages in Keeping Kosher Food Laws in Today's World

Topics: Kashrut, Judaism, Kosher foods Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: February 13, 2011
There are too many Disadvantages in Keeping Kosher

Kosher is the name given to the food that Jews are allowed to eat. This manly includes all fruit and vegetables but Jews normally avoid some animals and their meat. To be Kosher, an animal much chew the cud and have split hooves. They are allowed fishes that have both fins and scales. Finally, they are allowed to have birds that breed domestically. They are all part of Kosher guidelines. To be Kosher, animals should be killed with respect and compassion. This job has to be done by a certified butcher and this method is called Shechitah. As for Treifah; this means the food that Jews are not allowed to eat. This includes Birds of Prey and anything that isn’t part of Kosher. Jewish dietary laws consider parve food to be neutral. This food can be eaten with both meat and dairy. Fish, eggs, fruit and vegetables are all parve. Kosher food has to be license with a special kosher stamp. This is called Bet Din. Hecsher is a proposed complementary certification of food produced in a way that meets all Jewish guidelines. This certifies that the food is Kosher and that it meets certain requirements. Kashrut is another word for Kosher. It means he Jewish dietary laws, stating which foods are fit to eat.

There are some disadvantages in keeping the kosher food laws, like having two kitchens and two sets of all utensils as the laws of kosher state that Jews are not allowed to mix meat and dairy together. Problems occur in things like ordinary shopping. The shops nearby might not sell kosher food and if you decide to by normal food for example milk, how do you know it has been processed in a meat free environment. And if the shop sells kosher, it might be more expensive than normal. Jews who keep kosher food lows have limitations to what they can eat. They will face problems in parties and get-togethers if kosher is not available. Kids face many problems in school. If they decide to buy something from school, they...
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