Theories of Understanding

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  • Published : June 10, 2013
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Theories of Personalities
Nicole Morris
University of Phoenix
Karen Lundstorm
March 25, 2013

Theories of Personalities
Finding a psychologist who has not been influenced Sigmund Freud is almost next to impossible, as he is viewed as one founding fathers of the study, discipline and science of psychology. By pushing the boundaries of what was expected when it comes to studying the mind and what is considered an acceptable discipline, Freud has provided vast amounts of knowledge to the field of psychology. Freud has impacted every person who has chosen the field of psychology by pioneering the study of pushing a person’s mind to the limits of what was thought to be possible an as a effect of this is a constant reference to those who have followed Freud into the field of psychological study. This paper will discuss one of the many people who have been influenced by Dr. Sigmund Freud positively in their career in psychology. Topics that will also be discussed within this paper is where the two theorist ideas split and begin to differ, despite the respect that is given to Freud his ideas and theories have become merely stepping stones for other theorist over time. The theorists in question, that will be discussed is Carl Jung, and while was influenced by Freud he did break away from Freud’s ideas and develop his own theories to further the study of psychology. Prior to Jung going his own way and working on improving his own theories he and Freud had developed an extremely strong friendship, in fact it was their theoretical differences that destroyed their friendship. Prior to the split of the friendship Freud heavily influenced Jung’s work, in fact both of their ideas and work was quite similar when Jung first began working in the field of psychology. Due to Freud’s psychoanalytic theory being not only the earliest but also the most defined theory in regards to personality, it intrigued Jung who was just starting out in the field. In fact...
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