Psychoanalysis and Theories

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  • Published : November 3, 2011
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Sarah Moore
May 8, 2011
PSY 101
Dr. Hefner
Unit 10 Activity Midterm #2
1.This statement was most likely made by a humanist. Humanist philosophy is centered on the belief that people are not entirely responsible for negative environments and that every being is original intent is being good and is capable of being good. By understanding mentally healthy people, it reiterates this point of humanist beliefs (Cherry). 2.Psychoanalysis is based on theories that people are controlled by instinct and other psychological factors. By stating the aggression is human instinct, the psychologist can already be ruled out as a behaviorist because behaviorist theories propose that inner thoughts or processes do not control actions. Humanism can also be ruled out as humanism promotes that people are controlled by their own destiny, so they do not agree that aggression is of general human nature. So, by assuming that this statement was made by a psychoanalyst due to the reference to “human nature,” would be most correct (Baird, 2010). 3. As previously stated, humanist theory suggests that human’s are in control of their own future, destiny, fate, etc. Humans maintain free will so actions such as cheating are by their own fault and they are responsible for actions committed; therefore this is most likely a humanist view (“Humanist Psychology”). 4.Behaviorism focuses on analyzing and observing objective forces, rather than the subjective ones. By doing so, they assume actions are only performed according to the physical environment in which the act is performed. So, “looking to the environment for clues…” would be a good basis on which the psychologist is promoting behaviorism (Baird, 2010). 5.By analyzing unconscious forces, psychoanalysis has theories suggesting a general human nature on which every human has the ability to use either consciously or subconsciously. These certain processes, per say, are inherent in psychoanalysis, so by these so-called “preserved...
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