Theories of Development

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Psychology, Developmental psychology Pages: 4 (1194 words) Published: October 27, 2011
The way we work with children and current practice is affected by theories of development which are written by many physcologists who have studied children and ways in which they develop. They have many varied ideas about how children learn. The physcologists have proposed different theories that they claim to explain children’s learning and how important the nature versus nurture argument is. Some of the physcologists and their theories are outlined in this essay.


Jean Piaget’s theory was that children learn through experience and how they change their perception of things based on what they have learned or experienced. They learn things at different ages and stages of their lives. As children experience new things they adjust their thinking and beliefs. Piaget believed that children’s thinking is different to the way of adults but their intelligence is the same. Piaget’s theory influences current practice by helping us understand how children learn through experience using role play and real scenarios. In the school i work in role play areas are set up for the children to explore and use in the setting. They in turn can learn to socilaise with others and how they react to the role play that is themed. Children are encouraged to work together and play together and it learns them how to share and take turns and when observed the teacher can see what areas the children are developing in socially and emotionally and academically.


Sigmund Freud believed that a child’s development is based on their personality and he sectioned it into three parts. The first was id (identity) which children are born with and what their instincts tell them to do to get what they want and to fulfil their needs and aren’t able to be considerate of anyone else’s needs. The second part is the ego. A child’s ego becomes apparent as it starts to develop when they begin to notice that how they behave will mean that they...
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