Topics: Horse, Sense, Experience Pages: 4 (1149 words) Published: April 21, 2013
English 110

Anni Muhlegg

Presented to Rebecca Lachance

November 13, 2005

Thompson River University

Equestrian Pursuits: A Brief Essay

I have always had a keen interest in horses. Although this passion has grown considerably through time, I can always remember being mesmerized with the realm of the equine. Equine pursuits usually took place in the country and rural areas, a welcome relief from the frantic pace of modern life. In my formative years, I could hardly begin to fathom the idea of pursuing such a hobby. It seemed to me like an unreachable goal and ideal, reserved for the wealthy and privileged. I thus remained satisfied with riding a handful of times and, whenever possible, would secretly admire these magnificent creatures from a distance. My experience has evolved, however, and through time, determination, and a gradual expansion and manifestation of my deepest longings, I have been enabled to explore this wonderful realm. I will describe here how this passion grew by comparing my childhood, equine-related perceptions, feelings and experiences with those of two years ago, when I first purchased my mare Tamrah, and again to today.

Initially, my experience while out riding or just hanging out with horses was pleasurable. While riding I would experience exhilaration, a sense of accomplishment, and a synchronicity of movement. However, my relationship with these creatures, which in later years would deepen into a genuine friendship and a deep bond of love with my present mare Tamrah, was timid and perhaps shallow. I did not at the time fully appreciate the gift that these mythical creatures provide. Their mere presence and willingness to be ridden still surprises me. Their sheer size and strength, paired with their high acute emphatic skills inspire and humble me. I initially lacked the ability to form deeper relationships because of my mistrust of others and lack of self esteem, an...
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