Theology - the Holy Trinity

Topics: Trinity, Holy Spirit, Christianity Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: March 26, 2012
Theology – Holy Trinity

Prayer and the Trinity
The Holy Trinity will always remain a mystery to human beings, but that does not mean we cannot go ahead and try to interpret the events that took place in the history and the scriptures that we have available to us to try to elaborate on the idea of the Trinitarian Mystery in our own, human terms. Raniero Cantalamessa is a brilliant individual who uses simple terms and analogies to present complex concepts and ideas, he surely possesses an extensive knowledge on the subject and shares it with others who try to understand it in his book “Contemplating the Trinity.” In the third chapter of the text he discusses Prayer, its Trinitarian form, Mass, and Desire as the foundation for prayer respectively.

The author of the book begins the chapter by quoting John Paul II who says that “holiness” is the foundation of the church's pastoral planing for the new millennium. This implies a “higher standard of ordinary Christian living.” The author links this passage to the Holy Trinity, which, he believes, is the highest standard of living. He also identifies prayer as the means of progress on the path of holiness. Prayer is regarded as the most intimate way of communication between human beings and God. Prayer is a way of improving yourself and being united with God. Routine prayer is not only an effective way to fight off temptation, it is also asking God for more and more will be granted to you if your plea is goodhearted and honest.

The second part of the chapter focuses on Trinitarian prayer with a heavy emphasis on the doctrine of the church that intended to explain the equality of the three persons. St. Basil, a cappadocian, while praying used the formula “to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Hole Spirit” precisely to demonstrate the equality of the persons in the Trinity to the heretics. By doing that, he placed all of the three persons at the same level and made them equal in “nature and honor.”...
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