Theodore Roosevelt Early Life & Accomplishments

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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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Our 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt was the definition of a man. He was rugged; he was decisive but most of all, he was fair. He was a multi-talented man and had many different occupations over his lifetime. He had a rough childhood as he was plagued by a persistent illness which nearly took his life, that wasn’t the only thing which plagued Theodore’s life however as death seemed to follow him wherever he went and whisked away his loved ones until it seemed he had nothing left to live for; for this reason, Theodore Roosevelt is easily one of the strongest men I have heard of.

As a small child, Theodore was born and raised in an aristocratic household allowing him to have a good education on top of the time and resources to indulge in his own extensive self-studies. The time for the self-studies, however, was mostly due to his chronic athsma. Athsma today is a relatively easy-to-treat disease, but back in Roosevelt’s time he would not have had the access to the medicines we have today thus meaning he had to suffer through his athsma attacks; athsma attacks by nature are quite brutal, restricting air flow to the lungs essentially suffocating the victim. Roosevelt Sr. would take Young Theodore out for carriage rides hoping that the fresh air would help alleviate his symptoms. Added to that, he recommended to Theodore that he should build up his body so that he would be more capable to deal with the sudden attacks, this lead Theodore to being the strong, active man we know of him as today.

As a young man, Theodore attended Harvard University where he showed a particular interest in Biology. Shortly into his career as a student, Theodore’s father passed away. After having his role-model stripped so suddenly from his life, Theodore was devastated, but this event lit up a burning passion to succeed in Roosevelt as he went back to Harvard and redoubled his studies. He also attended Columbia Law School because he showed interest in a legal career, but soon dropped...
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