Theodore Roosevelt Essay

Topics: Theodore Roosevelt, Meat Inspection Act, Upton Sinclair Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Most important person: Theodore Roosevelt
By: Adora Stephenson
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Theodore Roosevelt changed a lot of event in my eyes. He started small such as being a police commissioner. Teddy changes the armed force as we know it. Teddy as well fought for the labor movement. Last but not least Theodore cared for the environment, he loved to hunt but because of his interest. He saw how bad the meat industry was and he made things safer and stricter to keep everyone safe. Overall he put people first, he care about the people who voted for him. Teddy wanted to make things better for everyone, when really he didn’t have to care, especially for the poor because he was rich, but he did.

Theodore became police commissioner, where he took care of the police department and fired corrupt policemen. He also walked through the city at night to make sure policeman weren’t asleep on the job. He cares about the safety of everyone and felt like the government needed to do more so he stepped up.

Theodore Roosevelt fought for the labor movement. The labor movement wanted to make working conditions better. They felt people weren’t being treated fairly at work. He was considered a thoughtful person because instead of thinking how he could help himself, he thought of how he could help others. He helped all people to live a fair and easier life. Doing these good deeds even helps people today. Teddy intervenes in the Antracite coal strike setting a example for neutral federal mediation in conflicts between labor and capital. (formerly all government interventions in labor disputes had been to help crush strikes.)

Theodore Roosevelt was concerned about our health. He saw how bad the meat industry was and he strived for a change. Theodore Roosevelt made Meat Inspection Act more reliable. The Meat Inspection Act helped make food sanitary for people to eat. Teddy Roosevelt was the one who pushed Congress into protecting American's health by passing the Meat Inspection Act....
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