The World Would Be a Better Place If Everyone Spoke the Same Language. Do You Agree?

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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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The world would be a better place if everyone spoke the same language. Do you agree?

Language have existed as a tool of communication since time immemorial, from earliest grunts and snorts of cavemen to the diverse and complicated language system we have today. We have evolved drastically to better make use of this tool. The average human possesses the ability and capacity to acquire and use such complex systems of communications, something our early ancestors would be unable to. Through such tools, we gain the ability to cooperate, impart knowledge and better express ourselves. It has given us countless advantages and benefits, allowing us to outsmart physically stronger animals and to form strategic alliances. If everyone shared the same tongue, language barriers would be eradicated and thereby easing communications. However, choosing a language above others would undoubtedly deem the others inferior. Such a change is bound to come with some conflict. Furthermore, language contains many its culture and through it’s unique traits, distinguishes itself from other languages.

The irony here is that language seeks to bond individuals, yet one language is capable of discriminating one group from another through the use of different languages. A Czech proverb goes by saying learning a new language gains one a new soul. Culture has influenced the growth of a language so much that each language in the modern world shows a tint of their culture in the way it is used, and provides some insight to how it feels like to be part of the society. The Japanese language, molded by their peace-loving character with their gentle cadence(well, aside from the Kansai dialect.) embodies their closeness with nature as well- the peaceful sounds of cherry blossom trees rustling in the wind, and the chirping of cicadas in the summer. The slightly nasalized French hints their pride in oneself as well as their elegance. A language provided an identity to its speakers, and that is...
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