The Workbox by Thomas Hardy

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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There is a couple in this poem; the husband who is a wood maker from a village life and the wife whose status is higher than her companion from the borough. As the husband holds the present, the leftover of the coffin, to the wife, the woman’s facial expression is pale as the sheet. The coincidental thing is that this coffin belongs to John, who also comes from the same place as wife. Why dose the wife keep turning aside her face as she sees a piece of wood? Her reaction is just like an embarrassing secret revealed at one time. She must have acquaintance with the guy named John. John is a lover of the hostess and maybe their relationship is not as simple as we think. I actually consider that the husband killed an adulterer and he produce John’s coffin to release a warning that the woman totally understand the unsightly meaning. The man uses his indirect saying to send an unmistakable and clear message: “I am not a fool and this is all you have him now.” However, I am not sure about the woman’s emotion completely. Maybe she hasn’t like her husband anymore, but she is afraid of her husband following actions; for example, the host is probable to kill his wife or punish her. Another possibility is that she may be regret the wrong behavior and ask for condone. The Workbox is a powerful and irony poem from Thomas Hardy. The dialogue between the couple makes us have obvious pictures of the tale. Thomas Hardy would make use of the comparison to make readers impressed, such as character’s actions and sayings. I really admire that the writer has such intelligence. Although the poem is not long, it sends us mighty vibration.
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