Aqa a Marriage Unseen Poem

Topics: Poetry, Feeling, Stanza Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: April 29, 2013
What do you think are the feelings about marriage in this poem and how does the poet present those feelings to the reader? (18 marks)

The poem ‘A marriage’, by Michael Blumenthal presents feelings about marriage in many different ways, A feeling that the poet clearly outlines about marriage is that it provides help and support, this is shown when he says “You are holding up a ceiling” and “to the ceiling beside you”, this reference to foundations suggests that marriage is a support mechanism and without each other the foundations would fall. The symbol of a ceiling could also suggest that being alone has difficulties and that being able to constantly hold such ceiling will have many challenges, “it is very heavy”, the poet is showing that they need a partner to release the weight or have someone to help. Marriage is also presented by the poet as a release, when he says “You feel the relief of respite”, suggesting that marriage has an extremely positive affect.

The poet presents his feeling about marriage through his use of metaphors, suggesting the importance of marriage and how life literally revolves around it. “the blood flowing” represents the heart which is a symbol of love, showing that without this there is no life and a marriage keeps you alive alike blood flowing. The poet also uses “house” and “day” as a metaphor to show how marriage is a part of life which is important to humans, as a ‘house’ is.

The structure of the poem is another way the poet presents his feelings about marriage. The sentence length in the first stanza suggests that it is quite a long and methodical process leading up to finding a partner for marriage, “but then”, in the second stanza; once it occurs its a lot easier and is almost sets you free. The structure also shows the contrast between pre marital life with the difficulties of living alone and benefits and pleasure of sharing your life with someone, this is done by breaking up the stanzas, with short phrases such as...
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