The Way to Rainy Mountain

Topics: Kiowa, N. Scott Momaday, Kiowa tribe Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: May 12, 2013
N. Scott Momaday “The Way to Rainy Mountain”
“The Way to Rainy Mountain” by N. Scott Momaday was a really strong essay/ story. It had a lot of different images that was very well descriptive and had a lot more details than what was told in the essay/ story. His descriptions were so vivid and strong: I could actually she all of the different weathers. I like that the piece was written by what I would consider a Native American; it made this a lot more interesting and informative to read because he was going to deep details and description of a lot of places in the essay/story. Reading this piece really took me on a little trip type thing with Momaday because throughout the essay/story I seen that he was trying to get back to where his grandmother was really from and how she ended up there.

As the story begins I see the description of why the place was considered the Rainy Mountains. First he explains why it was considered an old land mark to his family. Then he began to go into details and what it looks like and what the weather is like. A good description was when Momaday said, “Winter brings blizzards, hot tornadic winds arise in the spring, and in summer the prairie is an anvil’s edge. The grass turns brittle and brown, and it cracks beneath your feet.” This was a good description because it showed me that the grass is dried out and it is brittle. Also the description he gave of his grandmother when she was praying was very descriptive. Momaday stated that, “Her long, black hair, always drawn and braided in the day, lay upon her shoulders and against her breast like a shawl.” I do not know why she prays like that but when I read this I kind of just put two and two together and said that what they do in there tribe.

This story had me thinking about a lot because in the story it felt like Momaday talked a lot about how the Kiowa tribe started and hoe they came about what they were. I felt that by reading this story I have learned somewhat of enough...
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