A Walk in the Rain

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A walk in the rain

People called it a murderous night, but that term was clinched. Since it was raining cats and dogs and you could probably see a speck or two of the flashing lightening above and hear the roar of the sky which now that i think about it, sounded like a lion with a very bad throat indeed, but oh well, what is such a big deal in that? “No biggie” as my friend put it. Leave out the thunder and the lightening and just speculate – what’s better than thousands of cold, crystal droplets falling on you from the sky above on an uneventful and upsetting day? On that such day, i was out walking – walking with not much concern as to where i was headed. I went about spilling out all the things that backed my wretched day. I let the rain wash them all up. Where the rain took it, i didn’t know, but i knew this- it would be with the soil within the next 24 hours! Wait a second! You didn’t think that I was going around talking to myself like I was crazy, did you? Well... i wasn’t! I had my friend accompanying me and it was to her that i was blurting out my miseries like an old lady with nothing much to do. Sure, i let the rain wash them away, but you don’t expect me to gather up courage to tell these things out loud and bottle them back up again, do you? Well, don’t! My friend had her share of unleashing herself and knows this --it felt great. Actually ‘great’ barely seems to cover it! It was a feeling beyond imagination. Sure! I went home drenched in water, but it felt weirdly…. virtuous! I felt renewed! The feeling is a whole new thing to initiate with! That particular walk in the rain made me realize something: nobody and nothing has the consent to put you down except yourself! It’s your call. You either chose to keep it inside you and let it hurt you for the rest of your life or you choose to let it go. And Believe that it would. The new freedom that i acknowledged was not because of the rain. It might as well have been a windy day with me walking...
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