The Way of Life

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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Below are activities and prompts for the Context Whose Reality? And Michael Leunig’s The Lot In Words

Connections: Text to Text, Text to World, Text to Self

• Read each of the essays in The Lot and choose your top ten pieces that resonate with you. For each piece answer the following: • For each of your chosen pieces complete a TT, TW, TS table. Try to include at least five connections for each text connection. |Title of Piece |Text to Text (the other pieces you |Text to Self |Text to World | | |have chosen) | | | | | | | |

Ideas and Arguments

• For each piece answer the following:
• What are the different ideas in the piece and why what is your response to each idea? • What are they key quotations for each idea? For each piece make a list of five quotations. • Is Leunig making any arguments in the pieces you have chosen? If so, what are his main arguments on the subject of the piece? • For each piece write a reflective paragraph on how the ideas and arguments are relevant to and inform the Context Whose Reality?

Writing Techniques and Language

• For each piece select five examples that show an aspect of Leunig’s writing style that you like. • It might be descriptive language, sentence structure, a metaphor or just the way a sentence sounds.

Prompt Practice

• Here are five prompts for you to explore in writing. For each prompt draw on the ideas, arguments and writing style you have selected in your top ten pieces. You can write in any style you wish. • 'Memories and the truth will always mean different things to...
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