The Vision Failed

Topics: Decision making, Management Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: October 29, 2012
1. If you were consulting with the HTE board of directors soon after Harold started making changes, what would you advise them regarding Harold’s leadership from a transformational perspective? Considering the Transformational Leadership perspective, first of all I would recommend the HTE board of directors to schedule regular meetings with the employees with the purpose of communicating the new culture of the company and explaining to them its new overall goals, directions, and values in ways they could easily understand. Another purpose of these meetings would be listening to what the employees had to say, their concerns and their advices regarding the new changes. Through this employees would feel that they were listened and that they could add some value to the organisation. Also, managers would take employees opinions into account when making decisions.

2. Did Harold have a clear vision for HTE? Was he able to implement it?

Harold didn’t have a clear vision for HTE and that is the main reason why he wasn’t able to implement it. Although the vision statement was displayed throughout the company, there wasn’t a well-communicated sense of strategic direction. The employees didn’t understand how they contributed to the stated goals of the company and Harold’s actions didn’t meet the purposes he stated he wanted for HTE. Harold also didn’t take into account that the company was very traditional and had been supported by a very rich organisational culture for 50 years, what made the employees feel that he either misunderstood or did not care about that.

3. How effective was Harold as a change agent and social architect for HTE? Harold failed as a change agent and social architect in the sense that he wasn’t able to influence people to share the values and goals he idealised for the company. He also wasn’t able to inspire and motivate his employees to go in the direction he wanted and be a role model for them partly because they felt he didn’t care about...
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