The Virgo Bhun Murder

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Virgo Bhun murder
There are a few reasons. People who are closing Bhun girl, on my view angle is nothing wrong in it. So people will have problems the way   the retrieve. Can say that the very low range of affordable wedding. What a simple, normal person can muster the courage to lift the spending, which Amadanin have six months to ten thousand rupees. This person will eat what Phnenga, consult your lives to   protect, then why were the only problems in the Dunnia suffer and do not think for a relaxing fun. A girl is born first, then make her upbringing. No more are raised, the amount and how much money is spent Kitnin by mole. Then kill studies. This kind of expensive taught in times of inflation, it is not hidden from anyone. Years   Pdayi is how much   money is spent. Full protection of girls is also a bother. Cast an evil eye when I do not know anything, physical or sexual abuse,   may be. Please Ldnka Dundiye and then finally married. Say and write it    as easy, it is not.By Pdayi you're the girl, not even your control. When looking for a suitable match Niklengen reveals the sense of lentil flour   Female fetus completion of a social problem, which is completely attached to the money, but it also has some other reasons. Society is composed of individuals. If someone has problems Samnen people'll find the solution. If you get up to your interest to solve them, they would not hesitate at all in Apnanen. Today's society certainly do not want to mess cradle. Parents know that the girl is no use in making except loss. The calculations are based on net loss and gain Sswarth single philosophy. Today you are idle wedding trousseau would spend at least Rs 6 lakh. It would be most economical wedding. Today, the average woman would arise if the marriage at the age of 30 should be the condition of the dowry. According to an idea that should amount to 40 million Honni around six million. Because inflation is increasing the pace at which the case is made to them. If...
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