Project Charter

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Project Charter
Wedding Plan Outsourced
Version 1.0 approved

Project Description
To conduct a wedding in a grandeur manner. The wedding needs to comply with the wants and needs of the bride and groom and needs be planned in three months time. This project will fetch revenues of about Rs.30 lakhs and the budget not to exceed Rs. 15 Lakhs. The date of the wedding is 9th of January, 2010. Stakeholders

Stakeholder| Names|
Event Manager| Mr. Shishir|
Project Manager| Mr. Arjun|
Bride & Groom| Mr.Pankaj & Ms.Priya|
Their parents| Mr. & Mrs. Aswal and Mr & Mrs.Aswini|
To relieve the stress from the bride and groom by planning the entire wedding for them and to create a moment that is captured forever in the memory of everyone there. Project Scope
a) Look for Professional photographer and videographer
b) Choose a marriage hall for the wedding and the Reception c) Assist with shopping for wedding attire and brides’ jewellery d) Assist with shopping for gifts
e) Choose music type and band
f) Meet the priest and get appointment for wedding date
g) Finalize deal with Music Band
h) Fix caterer and servers for the wedding
i) Arrange for the breakfast, lunch and dinner on the wedding day j) Work out the menu
k) Select the decoration theme for the wedding ceremonies l) Order invitations & announcements
m) Send invitations to guests
n) Arrange for accommodation for guests
o) Arrange travel and other logistics on the day of wedding p) Appoint beautician for bride and groom side
q) Appoint photographer/videographer for the wedding ceremonies r) Decorate the wedding hall
Assumptions and Dependencies
It is based on the assumption that the funds for wedding planning will be available and distributed immediately.
* Risks - Not being able to plan the wedding completely in the short given time frame or to exceed the budget.


Dimension| Constraint...
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