The Value of Education During the Renaissance

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The purpose of education is not only to teach but to further one's knowledge. Education is meant to distinguish the best of society from the worst. The power and value knowledge and history express is vast and is forever expanding. The period of time leading up to the Renaissance, was a time when the ancient studies of Greece and Rome began to dwindle, schools were in need of reformation, and ideal views of not only man, but women were changing as well.

Studying ancient works of art and literature is where education begins. How can one accumulate so much knowledge of the present but know so little of the past? Piccolomini basically says in document one, that's it is great to learn about grammar and music, but at the same time one must be well-rounded and learn about philosophy and literature. It is important for one to know where how new studies developed and gre over time. In document two, Guarino wants the reader to know that virtue is something that's strange to man. The ancient's virtues, or humanites, shouldn't be strange to man but they should know the value of learning about them. What students do not comprehend is the idea of attaining ancient studies. In document four, students should master composition and figures of speech. Students need to gain knowledge of great writers. In order to learn one must have the education of any or all ancient works. Any further knowledge lies within the past. While it is good to obtain this knowledge it is not to become obsessed. In document eleven, a letter to the Parlement of Dijon tells that too much education or too many schools can weaken men. It will make them sensitive, and soft when in all actuality the should be stern, unyielding, and hardworking. This letter expresses the idea that too much of a good thing is bad. Its almost forshadowing reformation and change of education.

The need for change not only in school but in education was becoming a struggle. In document eight, education system is based on...
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