The Use of Internet Is Good for Teenagers.Discuss It.

Topics: Critical thinking, Internet, History of the Internet Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: May 10, 2013
The use of Internet is good for teenagers.Discuss it.
The rapid development of science and technology are affecting teenagers seriously nowadays. According to “21st century Internet congress”(2000),China has already got over 15000 websites. 1/7 newspapers can be accessed in the Internet.The development of the Internet is having important influence to the education of teenagers.Since there is much information we can find in the Internet,we should have critical thinking in searching news or information as some may not be absolutely true.Government and parents need to have the positive guidance and the corresponding measures to monitor the content and system of the Internet.There are different opinions on the influence of Internet. First, the Internet can provide a channel for young people to get knowledge and further their study.Nowadys,attending class in the Internet becomes very popular in overseas school.Up to 2009, U.S.A. had nearly 1000 schools which set up a website in the Internet.Students not only can know the information and situation of the school immediately,they can also attend the class,exchange information and have athe direct interaction with school teachers to solve their problems.Internet has provided some good ways for students to seek help and information and study in a more convienient and effective way. Second,the Internet provides a new channel for teenagers to find information and news.The traditional media such as newspaper and magazine cannot satisfy the needs of teenagers.They needs a wide variety of information and immediate news.The global Internet can provide a very wide variety of news and information which can satisfy their needs.Nowadays,the Internet is becoming the major source for teenagers to find information and news. Third,Internet can broaden the sight and views of teenagers, improving their mentality.It helps teenagers to exchange their opinions and strengthen the communication between them and encourage them to...
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