Leisure Persuit

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Leisure pursuit of teenager
Each teenager must have a leisure pursuit for relaxation and releasing their stress that maybe caused by problem, study, and etc. Each teenager have their own way for leisure as different people act and find relaxation differently. The most common among teenager do is going out to mall with their friend and hangout in a café , watching movie, playing bowling , play arcade games , and etc. This type of teenager is the type which is the most active one in doing this activity and having a lot of friend. There also teenager who does not want wasting pocket in hanging out instead he had leisure pursuit in playing games whether offline games which mostly they play alone or online games which allow them too play with different people from around the world and even with their friend . Thought some online games could be free and some be costly it is considered to be one of the cheap method by most teenager as they could own the game permanently. Onlines games sometime allow teenager to meet a lot of friend to chat or spend times in that games. Teenager also usually spend their times in forum, youtube, twitter, facebook, and etc whether to express their thought or feeling , reading people thought, chatting with their friend and watching some videos they find most of their times in surfing the net all day long without getting bored as they get so hooked to this kind of activity and keep on searching more and more. Surfing the net allow teenager to have lot of knowledge whether it is good or bad. They also be able to meet a lot of people connect with them worldwide. Myself in doing leisure pursuit is playing games whether it is online or offline and as well as surfing the net as I find all this thing is interesting to be done with as it is fun to playing offline games to watch their story same like watching movie but game is lot more than that as we get in touch with all things in the games itself and be part of it. In other way around playing...
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