Concepts of Leisure

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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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1.As discussed in Lynch and Veal (Ch. 1 customised textbook) and Godbey (Ch 1 in digitised readings) there are three main concepts of leisure: time, activity and attitude. Using these readings as your sources of knowledge, show your understanding of each of these concepts and illustrate your answer with examples of your own leisure time, activity and attitude.

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Leisure is a circumstantial concept. Godbey (2003) discussed that leisure can differ between persons. When attempting to define leisure three components must be taken into account; time, attitude and activity.

The job, the family and the household, these are three examples of a variety of commitments an average person in today’s society will assume. When a person is free of these responsibilities are they indulging in leisure? Lynch & Veal (2006) and Godbey (2003) dabbled with the idea that leisure is the time left over after fulfilling economic, social and biological needs. The concept of spare time is a required factor in defining leisure however it raises contradictions. An example of this is the crossover I experienced between my occupation and social life. As an employed bartender I have been invited to social events by work colleagues for the sake of networking. Events like these blur the line between work and leisure time. Simply having the time to indulge in leisure does not suffice a definition; we must understand the further factors associated in leisure.

This brings me to the second component, Activity. Godbey (2003) quoted Dumazedier, (1960)

“…to rest, to amuse himself, to add to his knowledge or improve his skills disinterestedly or to increase his voluntary participation in the life of the community after discharging his professional, family, and social duties.”

Activity is the act of leisure, the “human activity or inactivity” (Lynch & Veal, 2006) whether it’s sports, art, tourism, socializing, hobbies, games or simply just relaxing.

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