The Use of Blogs in Education

Topics: Education, Learning, Communication Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: December 6, 2012
The Use of Blogs in Education
Roberth Fallas Segura
Universidad Latina de Costa Rica

The Use of Blogs in Education
Nowadays, there are three ways in which blogs can be used in the learning process, such as to keep a journal of your tasks in order to see your improvement in all the subjects, to help with grammar, and as an interactive tool for the students. The main reason for the implementation of blogs in schooling is because our world is entering in a new era where technology is a necessary tool for being updated in education, a very important field for us. First of all, we can use blogs to keep a journal of our assignments in order to see our improvement in areas such as communication, teamwork, or to exchange ideas with others. Students will create their own blog to post their tasks in all the subjects. For instance, pupils can post assignments, tasks, and readings about topics being studied in class. Also, they will create forums of discussions about topics seen in class with students or professors, not only in their own country but also around the world in order to get different points of view. Besides, the creation of clubs about current events where students with low self-esteem can participate without worrying about their mistakes, the reaction of other people, or the lack of confidence of their abilities will help them in the future as professionals. Second, blogs can be used by professors to help students with grammar which is a very important area for them. Blogs can help students improve their communicative and writing skills with exercises that can be posted on the blogs by the professors or by the students wherever and whenever they want; besides, they can check it at any moment of the day. In addition, students can be part of grammar classes where they can evacuate their doubts in the field with colleagues, professors, and writers of important books related to the field. Furthermore, people can create an ongoing portfolio of samples of...
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