The Unthinkable

Topics: Tears, Fayray, English-language films Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: November 28, 2010
I can never forget November 15, 2006. As I close my eyes and take a deep breath my memory paints the blues, browns, greens, and every other color associated with the horrible recollection. It was around 10:45 a.m., and the house smelled of pine-sol and gain washing powder. My mother was up and about cleaning. I was still sandwiched in between the covers and my bed although the sun smiled as it peeked through my window. The phone sang its song frantically until my mother said “Hello“. From my room, I could hear my mother gasp for breath in the living room. I dashed to the living room to find my mother sobbing deeply. The angels had decided to recruit my grandmother as a member of their team. On her way home the night before while the stars shined their brightest, her red two door car was demolished by the large silver monster call the side rails.

My mother and my sister dropped to the couch crying like hot potatoes. I stood there with no emotion like a blank canvas. I remember thinking it was a bad dream, and if I pinched myself I would wake up and everything would be ok. The sting of my flesh from the pinch made me realize that I was staring into reality piercing eyes. I could not accept this news which danced into one ear and out the other.

On the day of the funeral I sluggishly my purple turtle neck and gray pencil skirt. I remember thinking do I have to go. As we drove to the church, the car fought with the dirt roads creating wind storms with thousands of dust particles. It seemed as though the road stretched into space. We finally arrived at the church which was the only thing in eye sight for miles. I stepped out the car and stumbled on the rocky gravel.

I walked so slow to the door that it seem as though I did not move at all. As I moved closer I could hear the humming of the choir. My arm grabbed the cold metal of the church door. My palms began to sweat and I swiftly clenched my sister’s hand. Hot tears trickled from my eyes and pierced my...
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