Aliens (Descriptive Writing)

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  • Published : December 30, 2012
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Standing in the blazing sun I could feel my heart racing as I carefully scanned the field for the ball. I could see Choochi had possession and he was running towards me with a sinister smile. He took a stance a few feet away from me and gave me a nod as his leg swung back. Before I was able to see his foot make contact with the ball I heard it in the net behind me. He walked slowly towards me mockingly mirroring my facial expression. I saw his lips moving but I couldn’t hear over the rumbling. “Rumbling?” I thought to myself, it’s too nice out for……”. Before I could complete my thought, a gloomy sky appeared followed by complete darkness and a loud thud. A bright light pierced through the darkness and in that same second Choochi was right next to me with his hand wrapped in mine. I could see my brothers shuffling towards me with the same puzzled look on their faces. The origin of the light opened up and a glass escalator with neon lights flashing rhythmically extended to the other end of the field. They started getting closer but not because they were moving, I was. Against my will I started ascending while the others as confused and frightened as I was followed. As we walked along a dark chilly hallway I was scared, when I’m scared I cry but surprisingly my eyes were rather dry. I could hear a catchy and familiar tune in the distance. As we walked it got louder until I could make out what it was and then we stopped. I felt something wet on my cheek and used my hand to wipe it off. It was a tear. “Wait! I moved my hands” I exclaimed. Now back in control of our bodies we followed each other voices and huddled together. My brothers were as scared as I was, I could hear fear roaring in their voices but they tried to hide it. We were all talking at once trying to make sense of what was going on when another tune ripped through the air. “Here’s my number, so call me baby” sang the two idiots I shared a womb with for nine months. Before I was able to comment on...
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