The Unification of Germany and Itlay

Topics: Otto von Bismarck, Prussia, German Empire Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: March 1, 2013
The unification of Italy and Germany were one of the same yet different at the same time. Both unifications were headed by dominate males in their countries. Camillio di Cavour a liberal minded noble-man of great wealth was very influential over the people and through his ability to conduct business that was beneficial to his country was able to grow the economy which made it easy for him to build a mass army to declare war on his surrounding territories. Otto von Bismarck born and raised as an aristocrat was a dominate force in the unification of Germany and he too refused to follow the lead of others but instead was very persuasive and through his was able to conquer mass territories and win many wars that resulted in the unification of Germany. Although both men used persuasion as a stepping stool to achieve unification for Italy and Germany their tactics were not always seen as the same.

Both men used war as a tactic in order to gain territories that were obtainable to them. In the unification of Italy Cavour was able to convince Napoleon to join force with him in order to take on the Australian military for he knew without them that Italy would not stand a chance. Through this war they were to gain territories such as Lombardy, Venetia, Parma, Modena and part of the Papal States. For helping France was to gain the Piedmontese invading Piedmont. At the end the French would be responsible for defeating the Austrians in two wars but decided to make peace for he had not yet defeated the Australian army and the war was not supposed to last as long as it did. Going against two enemies at one time was too risky. Cavour was furious but in the end things turned out in his favor nationalist took over the Papal States, Parma, Modena and Tuscany.

Otto von Bismarck was more radical with his approach speaking out against anyone that would not follow his lead. He was an opportunist and seeing things at his advantage Bismarck jumped at the opportunity....
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