The Truth Is Not Always Good

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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ENGL 102
The Truth Is Not Always Good
Niccolo Machiavelli, a man who knows the truth of political ethics, wrote his treatise into a book. The Prince, one of Machiavelli’s masterpieces, contains a number of maxims concerning politics, such as the qualities of the prince. By the saying that “the ends justify the means”, Machiavelli claimed that violence may be necessary for the successful stabilization of power and introduction of new legal institutions. Refer to political realism, Machiavelli was claiming a truth, and he made no disguise of his spurn to morality. Based on the evil of human nature, Machiavelli advised the price to achieve the goals without regard to morality. However, the truth is not always useful and good for everyone. Even though Machiavelli wrote the truth for a monarchical prince in The Prince, throughout history, The Prince is not a good advice for ruling class and common people today.

First, Machiavelli found the truth of political ethics according to his moral and ethical beliefs, but he did not develop the truth into a good side. Since he claimed that force maybe used to eliminate political rivals, to coerce resistant populations, and to purge the community of other men strong enough of character to rule, who will inevitably attempt to replace the ruler, Machiavelli has become infamous for such political advice. By looking the armed clash in Syria today, force is not a good solution, and it can only cause injuries and deaths. The truth is not always good. On the contrary, most of the truths are ugly. Although Machiavelli advised the truth to the prince, he was evil because of telling the ugly truth.

However, The Prince is only a manual to acquiring and keeping political power for the Italian monarchical prince. It is a flattering book from Machiavelli. He never considers the negative effects of his treatise. Also, Machiavelli was never benefited from The Prince in the rest of his life. He did not fare well...
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