Machiavelli the Prince: Chapters 15-18 Thesis

Topics: Cesare Borgia, Pope Alexander VI, Florence Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Machiavelli’s The Prince
Chapters 15-18 Thesis
Chapter XV
Thesis- In order to be a great leader one must lie.
Important points- In this chapter Machiavelli makes distinctions on how things should be and how they actually are. Machiavelli tells leaders to lean toward self-preservation, to do this he insists they will have to lie in certain situations. Regardless if a prince thinks something is bad or evil, if it is necessary to maintain a desired state of being, he must do it- it is his duty. Chapter XVI

Thesis- If a prince is to be successful he must be miserly. Generosity is the worst thing to do. To be miserly does not cause one to go poor. It is good to be generous with money, just not your own if you want to preserve legacy. Important points – Machiavelli purposes that a prince must be ostentatious about his generosity to gain a reputation of being generous. He makes a distinction stating if one is trying to be prince, he must be generous, if one is already a prince he must be miserly. Machiavelli uses Pope Julius the Second as an example of a leader who reached his title by reputations of liberality, yet did not maintain this reputation once he came to power; thus he was hated. The King of France never had to impose large tax requirements to his people during times of war due to his thriftiness. Machiavelli implies the reason for which the King of Spain acquired his many enterprises by being reputed liberal. He goes on to use Cesar, Cyrus, and Alexander as examples of leaders who during their time of rule maintain their reputations of generosity not by giving away their own money, but by sacking cities and giving away a portion of the acquired good to his shoulders and community. Chapter XVII

Thesis – It is better to be feared than loved, but not hated. Important points- A prince’s ultimate goal is to maintain the state; fear will ensure the obedience of the people. Machiavelli says a Prince must avoid being hated because hatred can overcome...
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