The Treadway Tire Company

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The Treadway Tire Company continues to claim a major role in the tire manufacturing industry of the United States of America. With more than 9,000 employees in eight manufacturing plants, we must look at our workforce as the most valuable resource and revaluate our challenges in this area as opportunities for improvement.

As we face the increased cost of raw materials and the rising price of crude oil; our labor cost and performance become noticeably important to keep Treadway ahead over our competitors.

We at our Lima plant should be able to meet our role as the best plant in the Treadway family. And part of that challenge to be the best in the market comes from a culture that is shared by all levels of employment. Our line-workers, our foremen, the supervisors and managers; we all must embrace this opportunity of interaction and share responsibility in reinventing ourselves on an environment of trust, professional advancement, quality and efficiency.


Three major areas may be looked into consideration;

1. Training - More than 85% of our employees are under union contract protection while most of our foremen have little knowledge of such contractual implications. As we look into our training programs, we have allowed this fundamental tool to fall into a discretionary action made by supervisors and managers that most times is only given in an informal way. Our present employee morale has shown negative effects in our rate of retention for our critical positions of foremen. As these positions are perceived as opportunities to grow within our company, our foremen (mostly promoted from within) have lacked; •union contractual sensitivity,

forecasting to meet production expectations
and supervisory skills in dealing with conflict resolution.

Other training observations that may need consideration for efficiency improvement include; •time management skills,
payroll knowledge,
how to manage a dispute and disciplinary actions as part of the process

Human Resources Strategic Plan3

2. Communications -As part of our overall operations, we have seen a disconnection in communication between the top levels of our salaried manpower. And our line-workers have made notice of their supervisor’s limitations in all three mentioned subjects.

3. Plant operation - Our 12-hour shift creates a strenuous environment that highlight the importance of a leading role model in our foremen to keep production and efficiency at competitive levels.

Possible Solutions

As we look into our training program, we should take in consideration;

1. Increase training on union contractual education. All personnel need to have documented training. Each personnel should have a training file that includes the employee’s previous experience and education. A documented training should be on all operations the employee performs, general company policies and procedures, and on general Current Good Manufacturing Practices. As presented by Andrew Knowles on the “Importance of training evaluation”,( we should also invest in evaluating our trainings to recognize best practices and incorporate them to our process.

It is recommended that official documented trainers perform the training. Proficiency of the training should be documented.

Pro-As these issue affects the majority of our workforce, our Foremen should have control and expertise of all important legal responsibilities and requirements pertaining to labor issues.

Con- The cost and time required for such level of expertise may become a limiting factor But our company should try to collaborate with the Union Chapter and maybe allow cross-trainings and meetings were Foremen and Union representatives may engage on productive plan of action (develop SOPs with Union approval).

2. Communications and Trainings on managerial skills, supervisory skills and conflict...
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