The Topic of Study Was the Buying Behaviour of Generation Y Consumers in Northern Ireland in Relation to Fashion Goods.

Topics: Consumer protection, Shopping, Online shopping Pages: 5 (1606 words) Published: October 23, 2012
The topic of study was the buying behaviour of Generation Y consumers in Northern Ireland in relation to fashion goods. Electronic databases were searched to find Journals which were relevant to the topic area being studied. Business source premier and Sage were the two Databases used in this instance. The keywords used to find relevant journals were ‘Bricks and Mortar’, ‘Click’, ‘Generation Y’, ‘buying behaviour’ and ‘fashion goods’. 5 relevant Journals were found in relation to the topic of study. There is a gap in the literature for research on the buying behaviour of consumers in Northern Ireland therefore other studies were used to find information on the research topic. The research was all based on college students in the U.S and one study was in Korea. The five research journals all used the same methodology, they all use questionnaires to find out about the buying behaviour of Generation Y consumers. The themes I used throughout this review were ‘Generation Y Trends’, ‘Bricks and Mortar’ and the ‘Economic Recession’ as they were the major themes used throughout the five research Journals. Generation Y trends:

According to Belleau and Summers (2007: page 244) there are ‘approximately 60 million members of generation Y the marketplace.’ Lodes and Buff found that there were no trends in relation to the demographics of the respondents and the buying behaviour of Generation Y consumers. Lodes and Buff state that there is ‘no significant gender differences in overall brand loyalty’ (2009: page 132) Goldsmith and Flynn also state that (2005: page 275) ‘there was no significant association between sex, race, income socio-economic status’ and buying behaviour. Although the other three journal articles lack the information with regards to the trends in demographic and the buying behaviour in the market place. Kim & Knight & Pelton (2009: page 248) states that ‘Students aged 19-25 represent a subgroup of Generation Y whose purchasing power exceeds US $200 bill a year.’ Kim & Knight & Pelton (2009: page 247) adds that ‘Koreans consumer’s perspectives of the U.S. apparel brand consisted of three dimensions; perceived quality, prestigious image and emotional value.’ ‘Brand awareness affected the prestigious image of the U.S. apparel brand in the Korean market’ (Kim & Knight & Pelton 2009: page 247) This study looks at the brand perception by the Generation Y consumers in comparison to the other studies whom fail to look at this. Goldsmith and Flynn (2005: page 171) ‘compares and contrasts clothing buyers who buy in store, on the internet and through catalogs so as to better understand these behaviours.’ Goldsmith and Flynn’s study is lacking in certain areas as it fails to tell which of the three modes of shopping Generation Y consumers use the most. Goldsmith and Flynn (2005: 280) found that ‘online and catalogue shopping were predicted to be more closely linked than online shopping and store shopping.’ ‘This implies that brick and mortar stores should fear the internet as shopping alternative less than originally thought’ (Goldsmith and Flynn 2005: 280) Thought from the findings it is clear that ‘those who buy more clothing will do so in all three modes.’ (Goldsmith and Flynn 2005: page 281)

Belleau and Summers (2007: page 244) based their research on ‘fashion merchandise made from emu leather.’ Although this gives in-depth finding with regards to this specific product, it fails to give us an overview on the general buying behaviour of Generation Y consumers. Belleau and Summers (2007: page 244) found that ‘respondents attitudes significantly influenced their purchase intention. The more favourable the respondent’s attitude, the higher the purchase intention.’ Belleau and Summers (2007: page 245) claim ‘the most significant problem is the lack of knowledge and understanding of the potential markets in the U.S.’ ‘As this study looks at the relationship between...
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