The Tolling of the Bell: A Review

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  • Published : November 4, 2010
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“The Tolling of the Bell” Write-Up
Zachary Haley

Vivian Dickerson has taken her leadership role to an extreme in the process of uniting and enjoying the wholeness of being a woman. Vivian happens to be the third president of the ACOG, (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecology). She is entirely proud of her role and has constructed and proposed a Women’s Health Bill of Rights in hopes to bring new, yet, deserved rights to her fellow women. Dickerson outlines 10 fundamental health-related rights that she feels all women are entitled too. Without these rights, women are oppressed. Vivian plays many roles that help to cure and justify women from all over the world. She is a true mediator for so many she has never even met. Vivian cares deeply for the women of the world and the rights they should be bestowed.

Simeesh Segaye in Chapter 6 is lead to believe that she has been “Cursed by God,” by her terrible position. After her newborn baby died she received a serious health condition called obstetric fistula, where she began defecating waste uncontrollably through her vagina, now scarred and ripped from the birthing of her dead child. Poor Simeesh was left alone to suffer, ostracized by her community and denied by the world a chance to be cured. It is exactly cases like this that Vivian Dickerson becomes a hero. Vivian fights in order to bring cases like Simeesh’s to a healthy conclusion. The economic situation in the Segaye family was entirely too shallow to support such a tragic condition. Simeesh was outcasted by society by her stench and poor position. Her health was left to dwindle by the society that could not feel for a lost, lonely, girl. The patriarchy was uneducated on the filthy position Simeesh was stuck in. Dickerson’s 10 rights address such inconvenient cases in an attempt to help the health of women.

The unity of sisterhood in Seldon McCurrie’s story of breast cancer claiming her freedom is quite inspiring and riddled with the...
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