The Third Bridge in Istanbul

Topics: Mehmed II, Turkey, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Istanbul is the only city in the world which connectscontinents with two bridges,namely, Bogazici and Fatih sultan mehmet bridges. Morever, Turkish government anounced that they are planning to build the third bridge in Northern Istanbul.Whereas some people are in favour of a new bridge,others are totaly against it for some reasons.Fom my point of view,the third bridge should not be erected in Istanbul.

Some people may claim that the third bridge will ease traffic jam. There will be aproximately 75 new route. Drivers will use this bridge instead of using other two bridges of Istanbul.Thus,the bridge will reduce traffic congestion.They may have a point in thinking like that.However, they ignore the fact that the third bridge will not solve traffic problem but,aggravate it. After the opening of the bridge, significant new traffic will be generated in northern Istanbul. There will be several trucks, cars and motorcycles. In short, a new bridge will make traffic congestion worse.

It may be argued that due to the third bridge, the government will provide over 350 billion dollars of profit. Hence, they can allocate their money to plant trees and build libraries, which will make Istanbul resident's lives better. There may be some truth in this argument. However, these people do not realize that although the third bridge contributes to economic growth, it will pose a threat to natural habitat. Unfortunately, owwing to a new bridge, 21,000 hecteras protection zone are under risks of destruction. Forest will be cut to clear so as to build new highways. In brief, the third bridge will have a devastating effect on the ecological system.

In conclusion, despite the fact that there are some people who support a new bridge, there are others,including me, who oppose it for some reasons. In my opinion, if Turkish government improve railways and ferry transportation , there will be no need for the third bridge in Istanbul.

Buse Gizem Danış
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