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For a conflict over the use of a local resource, analyse the causes of the conflict and assess the extent to which it has been/can be resolved to the satisfaction of all those concerned (40 marks).

Analyse- break down the content of a topic, or issue, into its constituent parts in order to provide an in-depth account.

Assess- weigh up several options or arguments and come to a conclusion about their effectiveness based on criteria.

Local resource- Heathrow
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Conflict is a state of discord caused by the actual or perceived opposition of needs, values and interests. Resources tend to be the main cause of most conflicts across the globe, on local or global scale for example energy resources have caused many conflicts across the globe, and a resource which has caused a local conflict is Heathrow airport. Millions of people commute across the globe every year, and Heathrow is one of the main hubs for this to happen. In 2011, 69.4 million people used Heathrow airport, with an average of 1305 flights leaving every day. The Heathrow expansion is being classed as a resource not because it provides a service for many people, i.e. jobs, Heathrow employs 76,500 people. But because of the land that would be destroyed in order to allow the new runway and terminal to be built. A conflict arose over Heathrow when plans emerged in the 1990’s to build a third runway. In the 1980’s there was talk of a fifth terminal being built, which was finally built 28 years later, in 2008. The proposal is a plan for a new 7,200ft runway and a new terminal. It would mean that the roads around it would be greatly improved, for example providing a tunnel under the a4, to counteract traffic problems which may arise. However, with the new build would be a major flaw, 700 properties and the village of Sipson would have to be destroyed and thousands more people would be affected by the noise and air pollution that the third runway would...
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