The Theory of Emotional Ineptitude

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Identify and briefly present an emerging/contemporary trend. Discuss how the areas/issues raised could materialize in the development of a new (Communication) theory. Develop your own communication theory that could better explain the situation presented. Critique the Communication Theory you have developed.

Presented to:
Sr. A. L. Lando, Ph. D
Daystar University

Presented by:
Natasha W. Gatabaki

In partial fulfilment of COM 621: Communication Theories

5th April 2012

Emerging Contemporary Trend
It is known and well researched that parents are pivotal in the role that they play in their children’s lives where their success is concerned. Books and research on parenting has shown that the love and nurturing that parents provide their children from birth, helps them to grow up confident and as a result they become achievers and are successful in their careers. Dobson (2001) states that the greatest challenge especially for nurturing boys is just keeping them alive through childhood and adolescence. That is the true goal of good parenting; to nurture children who are able to live on their own and become successful in their chosen careers and in their lives. Mother and son relationships have been considered special throughout history. There is however, a noticeable number of stories in Kenya where sons of successful fathers are unable to follow in their father’s footsteps and in many instances, wind up complete failures, despite the high levels of education and strict but guided upbringing done by their mothers. This paper seeks to develop a theory that explains this phenomenon.

Development of a Communication Theory
The development of a communication theory revolves around the communication pattern that is happening between the parents and the son at a crucial time in the young man’s life. The father’s communication, or lack of it, spells out disappointment in the young man, but it is done in the hope that he...
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