The Taste of Melon

Topics: Fiction, Narratology, Plot Pages: 2 (267 words) Published: February 19, 2013
“The Taste of Melon” Worksheet
1) Review the plot PowerPoint in class, taking notes as needed. Your Elements of Fiction handout has all the base notes in it! 2) Read the story on pg. 130
3) Complete the worksheet below.

Answer the following using full sentences (unless otherwise specified). Be sure to refer back to the story to clarify your answers. Be cautious of TRICK questions, you will need to go back to story to find them!!

1) How old was the narrator at the time of the story? (1) _____________________________________________

2) How is a seed melon different from other melons? (1)

3) What happens to the melon? (3)

4) What is Mr. Wills’s reaction to the theft? (1)

5) Why was the melon so important to Mr. Wills? (2)

6) What is Mr. Wills’s reaction to the narrator’s apology, and promise of help replanting the crop? (1) _____________________________________________

7) What type of ending does this story have? How do you know? Explain using evidence from the text. (3) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8) What dilemma does the narrator face at the end of the story? (2 marks) __________________________________________________________________________________________

9) Draw and label a plot diagram, include the following points. (14: 2 marks for diagram, 12 for labelling) a)Exposition: 2 events or pieces of information. (2)
b) Initial Incident: Action that gets plot moving. (1)
c) Rising Action: 3 events...
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