Im Not Scared

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Year 11 ESL V1EN011ZB Task for Monday Day 6 18 February 2013. Task A
Write Chapter Summaries form Chapter 1-10 in class. You are expected to have read the novel I’m Not Scared. Chapter Summaries is to sum up the main points or the key events that had taken place in the novel. Please write each chapter summary in complete sentences and in paragraph form. 1. Summary of Chapter 1 -Pages 1- 1-41

* Chapter one is about the introduction of the main character, Maria, skull, Salvatore, Barbara and me Michele. * They are playing in the field of a hot summer , having a racing running up the hill , and Michele lose the racing because of her sister ,she broke her glasses and Mama was angry. * And the second time they have a racing of climbing up a mountain, the last one there pays a forfeit. Michele don’t let her sister race because she is too small. * And skull said Barbara came the last so she had to do the forfeit. * The forfeit is decided by skull, she asked Barbara to show her slit, but Michele feels sorry so he took the forfeit. * And he did the forfeit by walking across a house, jump out of the end window onto a tree and climb down. * He climbed on the tree and it snapped, he land on his back and keep his eyes close, and he notice he was on something soft, a corrugated sheet saved him. * And he discovered that under that sheet is hollow. He discovered the hole. * He found a leg inside and he think that boy was dead because he wasn’t moving, and he ran away. * And he though the boy might be still alive so he went back for the second time. 2. Summary of Chapter 2 - Pages 42-56

* Once again Michele went back to that hole and check out if the boy is still alive. * The hole was dark and full of flies and a sickening smell well up. * He found a rope in the house beside so he used that rope to climb down the hole. But first he threw a rock down to see if he still alive. * And the boy was alive.

* He got...
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