The Sun Rising

Topics: Kill, Combat, Christopher Nolan Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Matt Ketterman
Hero essay

Beowulf is a hero because no matter how dangerous the situation is he seems to be able to overcome them. For example when he fights Grendel he chooses to not use weapons because he thought it would not be a fair fight, even though Grendel had killed a lot of people. My next example he fights Grendel’s mom this time he uses weapons even though normal swords don’t work. He starts fighting her with his normal sword that he uses in every fight and it won’t cut her skin. The fight ensues and she bites a hole in his helmet she’s beating him and he sees a giant’s sword on the wall and picks it up, a normal human shouldn’t even be able to lift. He picks it up and cuts her almost in half killing her. Beowulf loves being in the spot light unlike the heroes of today’s time like Batman he likes to be in the dark people know about him but he doesn’t boast about saving the day he just does it he’s not in it for the glory or the fame. There’s also another difference the heroes of today’sfiction don’t kill their enemies they beat them up and take them to jail, for example batman and joker no matter how much the joker try’s killing batman he will never kill the joker because he feels if he kills him he will be doing the same thing he’s trying to stop. Beowulf on the other hand will kill someone in a heartbeat because that’s what the time they were in they wanted to see, the hero kill the villain now they just try being better than the villain its self.To be a hero you have to rise above the adversities that come their way, Beowulf dose this except in the last battle with the dragon he gets killed and his cousin kills the dragon to try and save Beowulf but he doesn’t succeed. Batman and Beowulf are both confident in their own abilities because no matter how big or strong their enemies are they seem to overcome them Beowulf by strength, batman by smarts. They also have similarities in their ability to inspire others, Beowulf in his prime stood up...
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