The Sun Rising

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The Sun Rising
By John Donne.

I--The sun rising is a poem in which the poet expresses his anger with the sun. In the first stanza the poet calls the sun a busy old fool and unruly that is undisciplined because the sun visits people without their consent to their homes and disturbs them from their sleep. The poet says that the sun should not disturb lovers,as love unlike anything knows neither season nor time. The poet tells the sun to not disturb him and his lover and go wake up the late schoolboys and sour prentices.

II--In the second stanza he sarcastically praises the sun, saying that his beams are so reverend and strong. He says that no matter how strong his beams are he could just eclipse them by just closing his eyes. But he also says that he would not do so, because closing his eyes would mean loosing his lover from his sight and he doesn’t want to do so. What he actually means to say is that the sun is not so powerful as everyone claims to be because he has no control over who eclipses it. The poet says that his lover’s eyes are so bright that they could even blind the sun, he says that all the rich and valued things in this world are lying there with him in the form of his lover as all the world is his lover for him.

III--In the third stanza he says that all the kings and princes are inside his lover, that all that the princes do is just mimicry of them, all their honor is fake and all their wealth is alchemy. He says that the world is contracted in he and his lover, he tells the sun that the sun requires some rest so shine on him and his lover and he will be shining on the whole world. He calls the bed the centre and the walls the planets.
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