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Topics: Ocean, Key, Greek mythology Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: April 10, 2013
1. In the first stanza Holmes refers to "The meteor of the ocean air" comparing the ship's flag to a meteor. In the second stanza, "the harpies of the shore," refers to the monstrous bird-like beasts of Greek mythology. 2. Holmes puts forth a proposal that the ship should be left to sink in the ocean and be “given to the god of storms, the lightning and the gale!” 3. I think that Holmes wants the ship to be a symbol of greatness and triumph. He thinks that by sending the ship to scrap would do it a disservice and that it should be left where it belongs, in the ocean. 4. Holmes uses the illusion of the harpies to show that the sea would eventually “pluck” at the ship and destroy it just as harpies would destroy things in the sea that crossed their path. 5. In Longfellow’s poem the title foreshadows that the travelers will not return because the tide rises, signifying the travelers reaching the town but as the tide falls it has erased the footprints that once remained. 6. I think Longfellow’s poem can be referring to many travelers because every day the tide rises and falls and the sun rises and sets and over time countless travelers will travel to the town leaving their footprints to be erased by the tides. 7. Longfellow uses personification in the second stanza by saying “The little waves, with their soft, white hands efface the footprints in the sands…” 8. The first stanza shows the “twilight darkens” into night. stanza two shows roughly midnight because darkness has fallen on roofs and walls. Stanza three shows a brand new day as “the morning breaks”

The American dream

White Pickett fences
And big ballroom dances
A life of the rich and wealthy
But why not just wish to be healthy

We want what we cant have,
The American Dream.
We long for things we don’t need but call it
The American dream

Yet deep down we think if we just stretch further,
If we just try harder,
One day we can achieve
The American dream...
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