The Study of Business Curriculum Design in Xian International Studies University

Topics: Curriculum, Teaching English as a foreign language, Language education Pages: 11 (3626 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Zhang Qianying
Instructor Huang
Academic Writing
June 11, 2012
The Study of Business Curriculum Design in
Xian International Studies University
I. Introduction
A. Background of the Research
With the rapid development of global economy and the increasingly frequent exchange of trade, technology, and culture between China and the other countries, people around the world are facing a more competitive and challenging era. There has been an increasing demand for professionals who have a mastery of English and business knowledge. This has heightened the needs for Business English study in the institutions of higher education and other educational institutions. How to cultivate qualified business language talents is what we should keep studying, and the curriculums are the most important. As we know, curriculums are the basic part of the English teaching. Whether the Foreign language curriculums design are scientific or not relates directly to the quality of the foreign language teaching. With the gradual perfection of China's socialist market economic system and the successful access to WTO, China has fully participated in the international competition, which has been presenting China with a new challenge in talents cultivation of vocational education, especially in the cultivation of business English talents. And in turn with the development of vocational education and increasing social demands for Business English talents in China, business English courses are offered in nearly most of the foreign language colleges as the focused discipline under English program and a great deal of efforts have been made to cultivate business English talents. Although in the past several decades the development of college English education has achieved a lot under the guidance of the previous national general curriculum development, a lot of problems still impose some threats on the business English education and accordingly business English curriculum under English program should be changed and improved with the new situation to fit the needs of the society for the business English personnel. Foreign language college English teaching has also accordingly undergone somewhat improvements in order to meet the requirement of the nation’s great strength and emphasis on Business English learning in recent years. However, business English majors still find it difficult to find a good job and feel what they have learnt in the colleges is not enough for their jobs. On the other hand, employers find the quality of the business English graduates is far from their expectations and can not meet the demand of the market nowadays. This phenomenon reflects that the effect of Business English learning keeps out of touch with the needs of the market. Therefore, it is an important and urgent task for foreign language colleges to set up appropriate systematic new curriculum for business English majors. To improve the curriculum for Business English majors in Xian International Studies University, the author surveyed the current business English curriculums for English majors. B. Significance and Purpose of the Study

The main task of higher vocational education in China is to reform and establish appropriate curriculum meeting the requirements of employment and to use appropriate methodology to cultivate interdisciplinary talents to serve for and stimulate the economic development of society. Curriculums design should be based on the analysis of learning needs and target needs. Hutchinson and Waters (1957) compared a language course as a journey: how is one going from the starting point to the destination indicates the kind of need: learning needs, like what vehicles to choose and what guides are available (the conditions of the learning situation), the existing roads within the learner’s mind (their knowledge,skills and strategies) and the motivation for traveling. They argue that it is native to base a course design simply on the target...
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