The Strengths and Weaknesses of Thailand as an Education Hub in Southeast Asia

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GE 1112 Humanities, An Integrated Approach
The Strengths and Weaknesses of Thailand
As An Education Hub in Southeast Asia

Thailand has achieved a number of impressive actions in education. It has significantly increased the size of its system at all levels. Literacy rates are at an impressively high 95 percent rate[1] and universal primary education has been basically achieved. Over 80 percent[1] of all the teachers have received bachelor's degrees or higher. At the Ministry of Education itself, there have been over 400 individuals with doctorate's degrees[1].

The strengths of Thailand as an international education hub are due to various factors. One of the advantages is its location, that is, it is in the center of Southeast Asia. It is very accessible to many countries, in other words, it is a gateway that links it to them and vice versa. Thailand has been blessed with wonderful, natural environments. It is also renowned for its customs and traditions. Furthermore, its civilization has been much improved. All of these have given a very good impression to the foreigners here and abroad. There have been exchanges between Thailand and other countries in terms of academic matters. The international education programs in Thailand have been satisfying to everyone concerned, both the benefactors and the students themselves, let alone the owners of those places of learning.

According to difference sources, like the internet and local reporters' interview reports, a powerful aspect, that seems to be the strongest and most attractive point, is the advantage of affording the tuition fees which are obviously a lot cheaper than those in western countries, e.g. European countries and the United States, in spite of utilizing the education system similar to ours. It is also significant to point out that the living expenses here such as housing rentals, dormitory rentals, food prices, transportation fares,...
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