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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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The differences and similarities of every the part of the world depends on many factors such as climate, the environment and geography. These factors impact on the differences between countries in terms of food, religion, politics, history and culture. No country is precisely the same as any other country. People who live in different countries may have different living experiences because of the differences in many factors in their respective countries. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast England and Thailand. England is located in north-west Europe, and makes up the southern part of Great Britain. It is part of an island. The population of England makes up almost eighty four percent of that of the UK, mostly in major cities and urban areas (Barrow, 2012). The capital of England is London. Turning to information with regard to Thailand, Kwintessential(2012) states that Thailand is in south-east Asia. The population of Thailand is approximately sixty four million, of whom seventy five percent are Thai. Chinese make up fourteen percent, and other nationalities about eleven percent. So, there are many similarities and differences between these two countries as we will see in this essay. To begin with there is the weather. England is an island country which is surrounded by ocean leading to a varied climate. People never know whether the weather will be rainy or sunny. It can be sunny one day and rainy the next. The climate of England is variable and changes from day to day, and it is hard to forecast the weather. The climate in England is entitled temperate maritime. This means that winters can be milder than 0 degree Celsius and summers are usually not much warmer than 32 degree Celsius (Barrow, 2012). There are four seasons in England - summer, autumn, winter and spring. Therefore, people who live in England should have clothes for weather that can change frequently. On the other hand, Thailand is humid and tropical over much of the country....
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