The Story a Message from the Pig-Man

Topics: Family, Mother, Parent Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: July 14, 2011
The story “A Message from the Pig-Man” was written by John BarringtonWain in 1960. John Wain was born in England in 1925. He was the son of a dentist,and studied at St. John's College, Oxford. For most of his life, John Wain worked as afreelance journalist and author, writing and reviewing for newspapers and the radio. Hedied in May 1994 at Oxford. He is usually placed in the group of post-war critics ofEnglish society called The Angry Young Men.Eric is the son of newly divorced parents. He is the first and only child in thefamily. He is nearly 6 years of age and has difficulties adapting to the new thecircumstances. He is in a period in his life where he is on the verge of becoming a ”bigboy”. The childish manners are coming loose and the complicated grown-up world istaking over. He is very proud that the grown-ups also see him as a responsible youngman. Still, he has problems understanding the adults. There are many questions hewould like to ask them but is afraid to do so. How are the adults going to respond? Is ita grown-up questions? In order to protect his newly established valuations as a matureboy, he ignores asking. One of the questions he is struggling with is why his father isno longer with them. His mother told him that a new man was going to stay with them.Everything would be as before, except that Dad would not be there. Eric does notunderstand why his father had to leave just because Donald moved in. He loves hisfather very much and does not mind sharing his bedroom in order for his dad to havethe spare room. On account of his father’s absence he hesitates to accept the kindnessthat is offered to him and is insecure of the foundations of his surroundings.
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