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Thesis: The book Of Mice and Men is about how life isn’t fair.
Life is extremely unfair to Lennie. It may not be his fault but he is he can’t remember a thing and is always killing innocent animals and can’t comprehend a normal sentence without having the person repeat it. George tells Lennie this incase he gets trouble. “‘ Good boy! That’s fine Lennie maybe you’re gettin’ better”(15). Even something simple as to hide in the brush in case he gets into trouble he can barely remember. It’s not his fault he was born slow, it just happened. He really can’t control the fact that he is like that and nobody around him is patient with him. This happened when Curley was scolding Lennie “Lennie looked to George for instruction”(25). Lennie relies on George for the easiest answer even for a four year old. He honestly can’t think up a better thing to say then “We jus’ come in” (26). He “Twists with embarrassment” (26). When he gets asked a question that George didn’t tell him the answer to prior to the situation. Lennie can’t eat drink or think on his own without being told what to do. He can’t think by himself and it’s not his fault. For Lennie life is not fair.

Candy can’t control all of the let downs in his life. Life was never really fair in the book to Candy. He lost his hand, dog, and his only hope to get out of the horrible working situation. Candy was more in love with the plan to get a house then Lennie. George talking about the plan “I think a knowed from the very first we wasn’t gonna do her” (94). Candy has been crapped on time and time again. Just another thing on the list of things that put him into a never ending hole of despair. Despite being down already Candy had been uplifted by the hope that he will take care and clean up after an adult with a mental condition and his friend. Candy had hopes. Hopes that he will leave his job and to live peacefully with two people who he got along with. Then they were shot down because a girl seeking attention got...
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