The Story of Kaoru Ishikawa

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Kaoru Ishikawa

Kaoru Ishikawa was born in Tokyo, on July 13 ,1915 and death on April 16, 1989. In his family, he is the oldest of the eight sons of Ichiro Ishikawa. In 1939 he graduated University of Tokyo with an engineering degree in applied chemistry. He was a Japanese university professor and influential quality management innovator. He graduated in 1939 from University of Tokyo with an engineering degree in applied chemistry. After graduate, he started the job as a naval technical officer .Then, he moved on to work at the Nissan Liquid Fuel Company. In 1947 Ishikawa started his career as an associate professor at the University of Tokyo. He later undertook the presidency of the Musashi Institute of Technology in 1978. In 1949, Ishikawa joined the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers’ (JUSE) quality control research group. It was his leadership skills that were largely responsible for Japans quality-improvement initiatives. Kaoru Ishikawa translated, integrated and expanded the quality concepts of Deming and Juran into the Japanese system. After becoming a full professor in the Faculty of Engineering at The University of Tokyo (1960) Ishikawa introduced the concept of quality circles. Ishikawa would write two books on quality circles.

1.User Friendly Quality Control
It showed the importance of the seven quality tools: control chart, run chart, histogram, scatter diagram, Pareto chart, and flowchart.

2.Fishbone Cause and Effect Diagram
The fishbone will help to visually display the many potential causes for a specific problem or effect. It is particularly useful in a group setting and for situations in which little quantitative data is available for analysis.

3.Implementation of Quality Circles

Quality Circle is appealing but a Quality Circle can only be developing if management will take action on the recommendations of the Circle. When the management has no interest in participation as is often the...
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