The Story of an Hour: My Evaluation

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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The Story of an Hour: My Evaluation

The Story of an Hour: My Evaluation
“The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin, set in the 19th century, explores the emotional roller coaster a young married woman with a heart condition endures in a one hour time period after learning that her husband had allegedly died in a train wreck. Louise Mallard, initially saddened by the news of her husband’s death, suddenly feels an overwhelming sense of relief and happiness. Her happiness is quickly crushed when her husband arrives home alive, sending her into such a shock that her heart fails and she dies. Nothing is as precious as one's freedom, dreams, or aspirations. Some will live life to be happy, while others will life for what is socially or morally correct. No matter how someone decides to live their life, only they are in charge of the outcome. Characters

Louise Mallard’s initial reaction upon hearing the news of her husband’s death left her grief stricken and inconsolable. Her reaction to the news was one that any normal person would have except it is characterized by the happiness that overwhelms her as the story grows. Although she is upset about losing her husband, she feels as if a huge weight has been lifted off of her shoulders. As she experiences this astonishing emotional breakthrough, she starts to imagine a new life without her husband, filled with independence and freedom. Finally, she was lifted from the oppressive life she had once lived that was full of limitations and expectations that were forced on women by society. During this era, the main role of a woman was that of a caretaker, mother and wife. Perceived as weak and emotional and uneducated, women still had not received the right to vote in national elections, and employers generally discriminated against women by hiring them for tedious jobs and paying them less than men for the same work. Women were dominated by men and forced to live a life dictated...
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