The Stanford (Zimbardo) Experiment

Topics: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment, Philip Zimbardo Pages: 4 (997 words) Published: March 27, 2013
What happens when you put good people in an evil place? How the environment affect behaviours , attitudes or beliefs of people? Philip Zimbardo was interested in this questions. Zimvardo choose a prison enviroment as the evil place. Zimbardo prepare the basement of Stanford University Psychlogy Department like a prison to avoid security problems. All of the conditions in basement change for experiment such as guards uniform , prisoners overalls, grates , dark cell etc.Zimbardo gave sun-glasses to guards to avoid personel relation between guards and prisoners with the barricade eye contact. After the preperation had been completed , Zimbardo choose 21 people with no physically and mental healt issue. These people came after see the newspaper announce. Subjects seperated two groups as prisoners and guard randomly. Prisoners arrested like a real guilty and their eyes bandaged so they couldn’t recognize where they are. Firstly Zimbardo tell to guards conditions and rules. The rules are; * Guardians responsible for keep the pattern safe in prison. * If a prisoner escape , The experiment would have been terminated * As the last and most important one is no violance to prisoners. First day the subjects of the experiment couldn’t adapt their roles but day by day guards have adapted their roles more than Zimbardo expected also prisoners. A few day later guards started to behave sadistic and tendency to physically violence. On the other hand prisoners had emotional problems. There are two key people on each side Guard John Wayne and Prisoner 8612. John Wayne had so sadictic behaviours and their leader character effect other guards.Actually, John Wayne play the Hand Luke role in this experiment. John Wayne watched a movie called “Cool Hand Luke” in this movie there are a guardian named Hand Luke , John Wayne choose Hand Luke as a role model in this experiment. Prisoner 8612

The rebellion leader was Prisoner 8621. He was lead them to...
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