The Speed Limit

Topics: Miles per hour, Autobahn, Speed limit Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: February 25, 2011
Speed limits are posted for reasons that will help you through your life. School zones are one of the most important reasons. I am going to explain my beliefs on limitations for the speed limits. In most cases, people don’t like to drive the speed limit. School zones, in my opinion, are the most important.

When traveling through school zones, doing the speed limit, you have the ability to stop faster when something out of the blue happens, a child running out in the street chasing a ball kicked over the fence in the school yard. If you were traveling over the speed limit you would not be able to stop as quickly to avoid hitting that child. Same goes for other route’s and highway’s speed limits on a (NEW PARAGRAPH)I live in Alaska and the speed limits are posted at the highest at 65mhp(MPH) on the busiest highway here(REWORD, DIFFICULT TO READ. IN ALASKA, WHERE i LIVE, SOME OF THE BUSIEST ROADS HAVE SPEED LIMITS UP TO 65MPH). There are(IS) lots(A LOT) of wildlife that cross the road and there are lots of(MANY) accidents caused from hitting them (END SENTENCE HERE, WE ALREADY KNOW IT'S BECAUSE OF SPEED.)because of excessive speeds. While working as a certified flagger in construction zones(COMMA) we would have speed limits dropped even lower than what the state has posted. That is to increase safety to all of the workers on the road ways. There is nothing scarier than having a car whiz by you going over the speed limit(GOOD SENTENCE. "WHIZ" MAKES ME PICTURE IT) All it takes is a bad tire to give(BLOW) out while traveling over the speed limit for you to completely lose control of the vehicle(COMMA) and cause you to have a serious wreck.

So(COMMA) there for(THEREFORE)(COMMA) I am for the speed limits as they are(I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN BY THIS SENTENCE) a part of your every day life. Others may not like having to do 55mhp (MPH) on a road(COMMA) but it is all for there(THEIR) own safety and the safety of other drivers on the road system. There a lot of...
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