The Social Role of Tourism and the Hotel Industry

Topics: Tourism, Destination hotel, Hotel Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: January 16, 2012
Socially tourism has a great influence on the people whether the tourists or the domestic population. The hotel industry like one of the most significant parts in the tourism is one centre of attraction and interaction between people from different countries and religion in order to communicate and discover the rest of the world. Therefore the people from the both sides will be able to learn and develop their personal comprehension about the other’s culture and tradition. As a result of the increased knowledge, the tourists like the domestic people as well will be able to develop themselves in cultural level. Consequently their level of communication and friendship will improve in one extraordinary level. Here are possible some of the positive effects of tourism concerning the social role as main part in it: •Developing positive attitudes towards each other - The tourism has always being a proficiency that requires such a way of behavior that is based on diplomatic level. The people that are connected and are working in the tourist places as the hotels for example will be able to develop their way of behavior with the tourists and the domestic people as well. For example in one hotel organization, there are many different departments where many employees are working in one environment together. In order to achieve good results, the employees will have to take care about the way of the behavior not only with their working partners, but to be aware of their behavior especially with the guests as well. That will normally result with development of the positive attitude which will give positive results in the future. • Learning about each other’s culture and customs - As a result of the tourism, the domestic people will be able to develop their selves on a cultural level. The hotel industry, different hotels, places and attractions as one important part of the tourism attracts the tourists from different countries who will be able to communicate with the domestic...
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