The Social Network Is Becoming More and More Popular with Many Young People in the World

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Many people think using social network such as Facebook, Twitter is a waste of time and unsafe as your information, can’t be secured. Others think that’s a good way to expand networking and social contacts. What is your opinion on this issue? Write five – paragraph essay on social networking.

Social networking
The social network is becoming more and more popular with many young people in the world. According to some recent researches, there are approximate 90 percent people who use Internet knows about social network and 90 percent of them uses it. Some people suppose that it is a waste of time and unsafe as their information can be secure. However using social network is a good way to expand networking, social contact, and get useful information, data even opportunity job. First, social network can help people expand their networking. It is a global network where every person in the world can access to. You don’t only connect with your friend, who you already have known in real life, but also you may get acquainted with many new friends, have many new relations. Many social networks have the finding friend – functional, suggesting friend – functional and you only need to click one button to have new friends. Moreover, you even become a friend to many people who has social rank such as: a famous star, a successful businessman or a statesman. It is very useful for you to know them, ask them for getting experiences. With social network, finding friends become easier than it is before. Secondly, when using social networking, people can get a lot of useful information, opportunity job earlier. Your friend and you can use it for sharing necessary information without facing to face. Your school can announce. Nowadays, the social networking is becoming a great advertising channel with many companies, recruiters. A lot of firm post news in their fan page on Facebook, Twitter…. Sometime, they have some special promotion programs that only intend for Facebook,...
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